Here’s one political cause veterinarians can support wholeheartedly

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Congressman and veterinarian Kurt Schrader needs your help in his reelection campaign.


It’s hard to think about any political topic other than the presidential primaries these days. The two-year race for party nominations dominates the political landscape in unprecedented ways: money, media, phone calls, office conversations—however you measure it, it’s off the charts.

But there is something else going on of real concern for veterinarians, so with your indulgence please remove the presidential blinders for a moment and consider this.

The veterinary and animal health industry has no greater champion Congressman Kurt Schrader, DVM, of Oregon. Kurt is a successful veterinarian and embodies the classic idea of a citizen legislator. He was a leader in the Oregon state legislature and now represents a truly bipartisan philosophy in Congress at a time when bipartisanship is in short supply— perhaps even dying.

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