“The challenge with animal policy is to operate strategically in government and non-government venues, while maintaining strong relations within the industry. Mark has built his practice on just this blend of needs and skills.”

John Payne, Former CEO, Banfield Pet Hospitals

“The accreditation of veterinary colleges, particularly those based outside of the United States, presents unique challenges, and we greatly appreciated the strategic advice and counsel from Mark during our successful process with the COE.”

Dean Francisco Trigo, UNAM College of Veterinary Medicine, Mexico City

“Mark Cushing is both extremely smart and deeply knowledgeable about the range of issues at Federal, State and company levels that affect pets. Mark is a stellar communicator, who can get complex ideas across in a simple manner to the desired audience. His mastery of companies and non profit organizations and the key individuals who run them, is powerful. I know of no one who can analyze people and initiatives thoroughly, figure out a course of action to achieve desired results, and execute, with the multiple, complex and often conflicting organizations in the pet space, as well as Mark.”

Jean Hoffman, CEO, Putney

“I have worked with many strategists inside and outside of the industry. I’ve learned that it is one thing to defeat a bad idea in the form of proposed legislation, but it is another degree of difficulty to pass critical legislation. Mark does both well, and he doesn’t shy away from the challenge of convincing Congress or a Legislature to pass an important bill even if legislators didn’t see it initially as the highest priority.”

Scott Campbell, rancher and veterinarian

“Mark understands animal policy, and the nuances across the sector. He makes a point to figure out what matters to all interests in the room, and attempts to create a strategic solution that will work for all parties. It’s never ‘his way or the highway’.”

Robin Ganzert, President and CEO, American Humane Association

“Mark Cushing is a very effective advocate with a high degree of professionalism and constant eye toward results that matter for his client. Landmark Europe is pleased to work with Mark when our clients and partners have needs in North America.”

Jackie Smith, Founding Partner, Landmark Europe