A peek at veterinary education and a political update

DVM360 Magazine

Cushing visits five veterinary schools and notes a current quiet on the legislative front.


Apologies for this blogger’s recent absence, but a delightful speaking tour of U.S. veterinary colleges has distracted me from my usual posts. Seems an opportune time to comment on recent doings.

The state of American veterinary education is in good shape, despite catcalls from critics. After visiting five schools (Purdue, Tufts, Ohio State, Texas A&M, Mississippi State), I found graduating students have multiple job offers, practice ownership is returning as a career path of interest, awareness grows of strategies to tackle student debt, schools and students are pursuing expanded opportunities for rural mixed animal practices, communication training is picking up speed, school after school is increasing the number of spay/neuter surgeries performed before hitting the job market (some provide up to as many as 70 soft tissue surgeries pre-graduation), and faculty and students alike are pushing the envelope for more public health opportunities for veterinarians and turning One Health from a grand concept to a strategic, practical career path. It was a diverse and inspiring trip.

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